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Discussing Race at Work
By Nonnie Egbuna On October 13, 2021

Discussing Race at Work

Conversations about race are not always easy, and understandably so. In a world where individuals’ lived experiences are often...

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Tags: Race, Diversity, Workplace

10 Inclusive Companies to Watch

Fostering an inclusive workplace culture is a top priority for companies everywhere. It’s also a goal that is never truly...

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Tags: Diversity, Workplace, DEI,

Tough Conversations at Work: Why They Matter

For decades, the workplace was an arena dominated by ideals of professionalism and compartmentalization – be who you are, feel...

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Tags: Diversity, Workplace, Inclusion

Why is diversity so important in the workplace?

Dumebi Egbuna, CMO and Co-Founder of Chezie, joined us for a conversation about diversity, equity and inclusion in the...

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Tags: Diversity, Workplace, DEI

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