Inclusivv Takes a Stand on Employee Mental Health

By Nonnie Egbuna

Here at Inclusivv, we understand that building a more just and equitable world requires our utmost commitment and dedication. But constantly pressing towards a goal such as this one can lead to burn out, something our team is not immune to. When Jenn Graham, our Founder and CEO, noticed some telltale signs of burnout among her employees, she knew she needed to take a stand on employee mental health. At a recent all-hands meeting, Graham announced a company-wide Fall Break. Everyone is off the clock from October 1st through October 5th. 

It’s in any people leader’s best interest to prioritize the mental well-being of their team so as to keep employees engaged and able to perform at their highest capacity. But truly understanding and advocating for employee mental health can be tricky, and it requires leaders to be constantly attune to the energy (or lack thereof) of their team members. When we know what to look for — exhaustion, an apparent inattention to detail, or expressions of doubt — it becomes much easier to make the adjustments necessary to promote employee mental health.

We know that this Fall Break is only one step towards fostering a workplace culture in which every individual can thrive, but we are confident that it is a step in the right direction. Employee mental health is a continuous journey, one that calls people leaders to look within to identify what’s truly in the best interest of their team. After all, one can’t pour from an empty cup!




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