9 Inclusivv Inspired Tips for DEI SaaS Leaders

By Nonnie Egbuna

The software as a service (or SaaS) space may be known as forward-thinking and fast-paced, but it is still affected by issues related to diversity, equity and inclusion. At the intersection of tech and DEI are unique challenges of visibility, accessibility, equitable practices, and social responsibility. All of this to say – to be a DEI leader in SaaS is no easy feat.

That’s why, in this two-part blog, we’re offering up nine tips for those trying to foster more inclusive cultures within the DEI sector. Each tip is inspired by a DEI SaaS leader, who we’ll be shouting out in the second iteration of this post.


Inclusivv Inspired Tips:

#1: Introduce diversity and inclusion initiatives during onboarding.

#2: Diversity requires deliberate efforts.

#3: Explore and engage cultural differences with employees. 

#4: Use new tools to support conversations around differences and biases.

#5: Allow your employees to honor their true selves.

#6: Incorporate meaningful conversations to break down communication barriers and bring teams together.

#7: Review coaching and mentoring practices.

#8: Rally around diverse thinking.

#9: Develop inclusive workspaces where everyone is welcome.



Wondering who in the DEI space inspired these tips?

Check back soon for part 2!





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