Top 12 Diversity and Inclusion Leaders To Follow in 2021

By Nonnie Egbuna

Diversity, equity and inclusion are more than just buzzwords. They are the fundamental elements of any high-functioning organization, and they are essential in the work that we do here at Civic Dinners. We want to raise a toast to 12 individuals kicking ass in the DEI space, and inspiring us all to do the work to co-create a more inclusive society.

Alex Ebanks, Coca-Cola


1 - Alex Ebanks

Alex Ebanks | Senior Manager, Brand and Business Communications, Coca-Cola

As Senior Manager of Brand and Business Communications, Alex Ebanks manages the broad scope of Coca-Cola’s public relations affairs. She works to keep the Coca-Cola Company on top of diversity, equity and inclusion efforts. We worked closely with Ebanks on the Together We Must partnership, a collaboration between Coca-Cola and Civic Dinners to engage the public in conversations around social justice issues. Read more about the initiative here.




Maciej Doskocz, Showpad


2 - Maciej Doskocz

Maciej Doskocz | Manager, Learning and Development, Showpad

Maciej Doskocz is Learning and Development Manager at Showpad, a sales enablement platform. Over the course of his career, Doskocz has worked to train capable and empathetic leaders, and to increase DEI awareness amongst his network. Each one teach one!






Nichelle Grant, Siemens USA


3 - Nichelle Grant-sq

Nichelle Grant | Head, Diversity and Inclusion, Siemens USA

As Head of Diversity and Inclusion for Siemens USA, Nichella Grant aims to positively impact every community with which she engages.  At Siemens, she has worked diligently to instate and maintain various employee resource groups, as well as to increase supplier diversity efforts. Grant believes that any given workforce should reflect the diversity of its customers, partners, and society. We couldn’t agree more!





Jermaine “Jay” Suggs, Johnson Controls


4 - Jermaine Suggs

Jermaine “Jay” Suggs | Global Director, Diversity and Inclusion Building Solutions, Johnson Controls

Jay Suggs is the Global Director of Diversity and Inclusion Building Solutions for Johnson Controls. Under this title, Suggs works to develop and manage socially conscious, inclusive teams. At such a global company, Suggs remains people-focused as he works toward the greatest possible impact in the DEI space.





Aleta Howell, Cisco



Aleta Howell | Lead, Global Diversity and Inclusion Strategy, Cisco

As Cisco’s Global Diversity and Inclusion Strategy Lead, Aleta Howell executes the company’s global inclusive hiring and recruitment initiatives. Howell looks within Cisco to identify any potential barriers to a truly diverse and inclusive environment, and works to overcome these challenges.






Nereida “Neddy” Perez, McCormick & Company


6 - Neddy Perez-sq

Nereida “Neddy” Perez | Global Head, Diversity and Inclusion, McCormick and Company

An expert on diversity and inclusion, Neddy Perez spearheads DEI efforts at McCormick & Company. Perez works to maintain a refreshed diversity and inclusion strategy and to shape the company’s stance on social justice issues. Beyond her work at McCormick, Perez is a widely-recognized speaker on the links between DEI and business growth, corporate responsibility, and the like.





Jennifer Green Godette, Cognizant


7 - Jennifer Green Godette-sq

Jennifer Green Godette | Director, Diversity and Inclusion for Client and Partner Engagement, Cognizant

Jennifer Green Godette serves at Cognizant as Director of Diversity and Inclusion for Client & Partner Engagement. In this role, she champions DEI initiatives centered around inclusive engagement strategies. Cheers to this leader who fosters diversity in thought and in practice!




Victoria A. Tyson, MA, Model N


8 - Victoria A Tyson

Victoria A. Tyson | Senior Manager, Employee Experience and Inclusion Programs, Model N

Having worked in the diversity and inclusion space for over a decade, Victoria A. Tyson is Senior Manager of Employee Experience and Inclusion Programs at Model N. She notably worked on the company’s first outward facing diversity statement, pioneered Model N’s first employee affinity groups, and spearheaded the prioritization of underrepresented groups in hiring practices.





Terrance S. Lockett, Oracle University Tech Recruiting


9 - Terrence Lockett

Terrance S. Lockett | Senior Program Manager, Diversity, Oracle University Tech Recruiting

Terrance S. Lockett is Senior Diversity Program Manager for Oracle University Tech Recruiting. Passionate about people and the unique assets that diverse individuals bring to teams, Lockett owns company engagement at five Historically Black Campuses and Universities. Every day, he works to bring new and underserved talent to the technical space.





Darryl Adams, RealPage, Inc.


10 - Darryl Adams-sq

Darryl Adams | Global Leader, Diversity and Inclusion, RealPage, Inc.

Darryl Adams has worked at RealPage, Inc. for over eight years, and now serves as their Global Diversity & Inclusion Leader. Adams understands the importance of culture to the success of an organization, and works to understand and maximize differences in the workplace. A true D&I champion, Adams proves every day that we can be the change that we want to see.





Buzz Thomas, Founders Brewing Co.


11 - Buzz Thomas-sq

Buzz Thomas | Director, Diversity and Inclusion, Founders Brewing Co

Former Michigan State Senator Buzz Thomas has taken his political acumen to the DEI space. In 2011, he founded Thomas Group Consulting, which focuses on advocacy in the consulting, lobbying, and recruiting sectors. He also serves as Director of Diversity and Inclusion at Founders Brewing Co., working towards an equitable work environment at the Michigan-based company.





Margo’t Goodson, SAP


12 - Margot Goodson

Margo’t Goodson | Vice President, North America Diversity and Inclusion, SAP

Margo’t Goodson is the Vice President of North America Diversity & Inclusion for SAP. She oversees inclusion, equity, and cultural competence strategy across the continent, ultimately supporting the global diversity strategy. Goodson understands that to fulfill SAP’s goal of helping the world run better and improving people’s lives, she must start with the company’s employees.






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